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Anonymous asked:
Do you know anything about university of Louisville? What it's like?

I haven’t visited but I hear Louisville is a great, southern city! It’s supposedly really cute and that’s where the Kentucky Derby is! The school itself has about 15,000 students. I don’t know much about it’s strong programs but it looks pretty easy to get into, judging by the accepted GPA and ACT scores. I know their sports are great! Their basketball team is especially strong, and they just lost on of the best quarterbacks in college football right now this year. Check out the school’s website for more info; I’m sorry I don’t know more :( but good luck with your search process!

Anonymous asked:
UT is a great school and the students are so sweet and open to everyone! My friend is a freshman in high school and the students treat her like a regular college kid! They're so sweet and hopefully you apply :)

Aww that’s so nice to know! Thank you for the extra info! I’ll most likely apply there next year :)