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Anonymous asked:
Do you anything about Emory university. Like what's it like, the campus, academics, and sports?

I do know about Emory because it’s here in Atlanta! It’s an urban campus so it’s mostly buildings around downtown Atlanta. There’s not much of a quad but it’s still nice! And in a huge, awesome city like ATL you’ll never be bored. It’s in the south, but a lot of northern kids go there too!

It’s a medium sized school with maybe around 10,000 students. Their best programs are pretty much anything in science and the medical field, and Emory runs a lot some hospitals students study at. It’s pretty selective with admissions. Maybe 1/3 of people who apply get in. But if you don’t get into the main campus, you can apply to Emory at Oxford and go there for your first two years, then move to the Atlanta campus. It’s expensive because it’s a private college.

They have a joke at Emory that their football team is “still undefeated” because they don’t have one haha. They’re sports aren’t great and they’re only a D3 school. Hope that helps! Good luck searching :)