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Anonymous asked:
Do you like Auburn? Is it a good school academically?

I love Auburn! It’s a great community and such a fun school! All the people there are really nice. It’s certainly not a bad school academically, but if you’re looking for prestige, it’s not the place to go. It has about a 77% acceptance rate I think. However, if you are overqualified, there is always a chance for a lot of scholarship money. It’s my backup plan if nothing else goes right for me in the app process. Some programs are definitely better than others! If you want to study agriculture, design, or engineering, Auburn has great departments for those! I hope that helps a little :)

Anonymous asked:
Is Greek life big at Auburn?

Yes definitely!! There are 17 different sororities you can rush and they’re all awesome! I didn’t get the vibe that there was a lot of animosity between Greeks and independents, but there could have been some I didn’t notice. Auburn Greek life is a great way to meet friends and get involved on campus, but you won’t be viewed as less of a person if you choose not to rush :)

Anonymous asked:
Would you say Oxford,MS is a safe place?

Oh yes! It’s a really cute college town and while there are locals, it’s definitely not sketchy by any standards! Pretty much all colleges have taken the measures to install police poles or escort services to keep students safe too, and Ole Miss is no exception :)