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Anonymous asked:
I'm gonna be a senior in hs. Do you think i have a chance at UGA? I have a 3.987 unweighted GPA. My ACT score was a 30. I'm in about 8 clubs and I do cross country and soccer? I know you can't predict but help?:( I'm also out of state.

I think you definitely have a chance!! That’s an awesome GPA and ACT score! You should be very proud of yourself. The only thing that would be a problem is that you’re out of state, but you seem to be above the bar for what they usually accept, so hopefully that won’t be a problem! I can’t guarantee anything of course but I think your chances are definitely strong! Good luck :)

eastcoastproper asked:
copy this message to 10 other beautiful blogs who you think deserve this message! Keep the game going and make everyone feel beautiful! Spread the love! xoxo

Aww thank you! Will do! Have an awesome day :)

Anonymous asked:
I saw you were visiting TCU, you should definitely check out SMU in Dallas as well. Since your there you might as well visit it.

We wanted to look at SMU, but because we were staying in Austin, we had a 6 hour car to get to and from Fort Worth. We decided not to go the extra miles to see Dallas. It would have been cool though, thank you for the suggestion :)

Anonymous asked:
Seriously, I have no idea what is wrong with everyone. I'm not in college yet and obviously we won't know what it's like until we go. It's a pain to research colleges and know what they are like. You have actually visited these places and your entitled to your own opinion. And even though austin is like a college town, it's really a city. It's huge. It's not really a college town compared to oxford or Athens. And thank you for your help darling, have a wonderful day and night.

Thank you for your sweet words!! It is a pain to research colleges, that’s why people ask on here! But if they don’t like what I tell them, they can always look elsewhere. It’s a scary process and it’s natural for people to seek answers. Compared to college towns I’ve spent time in like Oxford and Athens, Austin is very different. But it had more of a college vibe than I originally picked up on. Thank you for being nice and have an awesome day! :)